Whale watching

Whale Watching in Rarotonga

Hop on board and cruise the big blue as we keep our eyes out for the distinctive humpback whale. These whales make an annual migration close to the equator to breed and give birth. From July to October, you can witness these grandiose mammals in our part of the Pacific thanks to their extroverted surface behaviour.

Check out their pectoral fins, knobby head, and perhaps even that black and white tail fin as it teases ‘goodbye’ and splashes back beneath the sea.


Half day Private charter $1300.00 for a max of 6 people (4 hours)

All gears is supplied and we have light snacks on board we just ask that you bring your own drinks.

What you need to Bring

We recommend bringing a jacket, towel if you want to go swimming, sunblock and a Hat, if you have people that might get sea sick we suggest taking Sealegs before going on a trip.

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Size of Humpback Whale

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Half day Private charter

$13005 hours